Melodic Progressive House Compilation

All The Year Around

Embers Melody Presents.



01. Searching for Vantasy (Guest)
02. Twilight Reflections Noctavation
03. Whisper of the Clouds 2bnsn
04. One Day in October ViT4L & 2bnsn
05. Pier for Aspiration Shinagawa_13
06. Dyeing Shion Sakamoto
07. Uninterrupted Kyohei Akagawa (Guest)
08. Neverending 5h1a
09. Suiren kanata.t


Album Title
All The Year Around

Catalog Number

Release Date
30th October, 2022(CD) / 11th November, 2022 (Digital)

1,500 JPY (Event Price)

Download / Streaming
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Event Information
TRC第一展示場 E-01a


Artists Embers Members, Vantasy, Kyohei Akagawa (Otographic Music) (Guest)
Mastering 5h1a
Crossfade 2bnsn
Artwork aokcub
Jacket Design 2bnsn
Video 2bnsn
Produce Embers Members and All the Listeners